Token C45R Carbon


At just 1511g/Pair, the Token C45R full carbon wheelset is a lot of wheel for the money. While the wheels are light enough to satisfy the weight-weenies, they are also strong enough to tackle roads that are not exactly smooth as glass. And not only that, they look fabulous as well. A very popular wheel choice for many of our mid-range Redchilli bike builds; bringing you carbon quality at a value for money price point.

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Token C45R Carbon Rims Black Label


Token C45R Carbon Wheelset
Weight: 1511g Pair (Manufacturers Information)
Tyre Type: Clincher / Tubeless Ready
Rim Profile: 44mm Front and 44mm Rear
Rim Width: 18.2mm Inner and 26mm Outer
Tyre Width: 23mm to 28mm
Spoke Material: 15G Stainless Steel, double butted, aero J-Bend
Spoke Count: Front: 20 spokes. Rear: 24 spokes
Spoke Nipples: External
Braking Surface: TGX Carbon
Rider Limit: 100kg

Token Hubs

Front Hub: Token Arsenal Q Aluminium Body and Flanges
Rear Hub: Token Arsenal Q Aluminium Body and Oversized Flanges
Bearings: Premium Cartridge Bearings
Quick Release: Token TK231 QR Levers

Token C45R Hubs


Conti-Fibre Carbon

Token utilise a continuous carbon-fibre rim manufacturing process of which allows them to construct a rim that is both lighter and stronger.

Tubeless Ready

Maximum benefit, allowing you to use either clincher or tubeless tyres.
*Please Note: While a tubless rim tape is fitted as standard, you would still require tubeless valves and sealant in order to use tubelss tyres. If reqiured, we are happy to prepare these wheels for you, for use with tubeless tyres. Please contact us for details.

Diametric Spoke Pattern

The Diametric Spoke Pattern (DSP) is a method of lacing wheels that builds strong, stiff and light wheels, thus reducing flex and improving power transfer.

Swift Edge

Wide rims offer many advantages over narrow rims, most importantly making them stronger. Wider rims also make for easier fitment and removal of tyres (as 25m tyres become the norm) and with the “U-Shape” profile, the rim is less susceptible to cross-winds.

TGX Technology

With the use of a special epoxy resin compound during the manufacturing process, the carbon rim and brake surface are able to withstand high temperatures when under braking and ensures that heat dissipates quickly.


Normally within 5-7 Days.