Part 2 with Genevieve Whitson

In the second installment of our 2 part feature with Genevieve Whitson, Gen gives us her first hand experience of riding our REDCHILLI FR2 during the 2017 season. Now, bear in mind, Gen races against some of the top UCI Women’s Pro teams/riders, so this is one heck of a test for our FR2.

“This year I’ve been lucky enough to ride Redchilli’s FR2, the ‘all rounder’ frame. I say this because this frame genuinely can handle all terrain as well as converting to a TT bike if necessary. You name the conditions and the FR2 will be up to the task. The unique design of the frame is a big factor in why its so versatile. For a start its made from high end carbon making it stiff and responsive. This makes it the perfect race machine to tackle the Belgian cobbles or react to undulating courses that require constant changes in pace. It also feels super comfortable to ride. Bumps and lumps on the road seem invisible!

It’s nice and light which I really appreciate for hillier races and was a big factor in why I rode into the top ten at the Women’s National Series at the Tour of the Reservoir. I’ve had other light frames before, but generally they haven’t been as smooth to descend on and certainly haven’t felt as receptive as the FR2. When the peloton revs up this frame reacts quickly, very quickly.

A great example of the FR2 working its magic was in the Lotto Belgium tour this year in September. This is a hard tour, involving many cobbles, long stretches into head winds and encompassing many climbs. I’ve done this tour four times over on several different bikes, but up until I got on the FR2 I have never stayed away with the lead group. It felt like the FR2 was doing some of the work for me! Previous bikes have felt sluggish or heavy when the speed went up, but this frame seemed to be gliding, giving me more energy to dig deep. It made 4 hard days, that little bit easier.

One of the best things about riding this frame is also the attention it gets. People are always saying, ‘Oh wow, that’s a cool looking frame, I’ve never seen anything like that before, gosh it looks fast’! They also love the name; RedChilli is so individual it stands out in the crowd. I definitely like the idea of riding a bike that stands out.

All in all, I just love my Chilli and can’t ever imagine racing any other bike. Would I recommend Redchilli? Of course..!! It is a seriously good bike.”

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