Custom Bike Fitting

A professional bike fitting is one of the best investments you can make when thinking of having a new bike and we offer a range of services all designed to help make your cycling more enjoyable and ultimately, more comfortable.

BikeFitting Measuring Jig

With bike frames now coming in many different geometry types based upon the discipline of riding for which they are intended, it is absolutely imperative that the bike fits you. If you experience any discomfort during a ride such as numb hands or toes, lower back pain, shoulder/neck ache, knee pain or any other aches and pains during or after riding your bike, then it is likely due to incorrect frame size and/or improper bike fitting. When you order a bike from Redchilli, it is our mission to ensure that bike and rider fit one another like the proverbial glove.

Along with our own experience, we have teamed up with to offer what we believe to be one of the most detailed yet comprehensive fitting systems available. Our system is suitable for Road Bikes, Time Trial, Triathlon, Cyclocross, Gravel, Track and Mountain Bikes.

How Long Does A Bike Fit Take and What Should I Wear?

The full bike fitting measurement service normally takes around 90 minutes and this includes a general chat (along with a coffee and cake if you like) about your cycling; what discipline of cycling do you enjoy, what are your aspirations, do you want speed or comfort, do you have any issues with historic injuries etc, so it is important to book your appointment in advance. Ideally, we ask that you wear the type of clothing and shoes that you would normally wear when riding. All our bike fit appointments take place at our location in Axminster, Devon.

The ‘Static Measuring Jig’ is the foundation of our bike fitting system and is used to precisely determine 8 key body dimensions.

  • Height
  • Foot Length Left
  • Foot Length Right
  • Inseam
  • Torso Length
  • Arm Length Left
  • Arm Length Right
  • Shoulder Width

Also taken into account are:

  • Model of Shoe (sole thickness)
  • Pedal (height)
  • Type of Saddle
Bike Fitting Measuring Process Redchilli

Once our initial discussion and the measuring process is complete, we have computer software (BikeFitting Analysis System) that provides you with a detailed report displaying the ideal frame size along with your ideal handlebar width, stem length, stem height, saddle height, saddle position and crank length.

BikeFitting Measuring Jig Individual service: £40

Shoe Cleat Adjustment

The shoe cleat adjuster is designed to determine the optimal cleat placement including the rotation in a quick and efficient way. In summary, the Shoe Cleat Adjuster has the following functions:

  • To position the shoe cleat in such a way that the ball of the foot rests exactly above the centre-line of the pedal axle, realising optimal power transmission.
  • Through the shoe cleats, the position of the foot on the pedal is adjusted in such a way that potential twisting of the lower leg is avoided.
  • Because the ball of the foot rests exactly above the pedal axle, a more fluid and natural pedalling action is achieved.
  • Burning-feet-syndrome will sharply diminish and in some cases disappear completely.

Shoe Cleat Adjustment Individual Service: £20.00

Redchilli Bike Fitting Shoe Cleat Adjustment

Bike Measurement System

Our Bike Measurement System has millimetre precision which allows us to take the measurements from your BikeFitting Analysis and translate these to your new Redchilli Bike or indeed, help you to set up your existing bike.

Using the information generated from the BikeFitting Analysis we will set your bike up correctly and specifically for you by adjusting saddle height, saddle distance from your handlebars, stem and crank length.

The system also allows us to take measurements from an existing bike and match the measurements to another second bike.

Bike Measurement System Individual Service: £20

Redchilli Bike Fitting Bike Measurement

Prologo MyOwn Saddle Fitment System

The saddle is not a problem anymore. MyOwn Fitting System is Prologo’s proprietary biomechanical system that allows a cyclist to scientifically find the saddle best suited for him/her.

The result is determined by several factors, correlated through a dedicated algorithm, ensuring the best solution for each cyclist.

Prologo MyOwn Individual Service: £15.00

(Refunded if saddle is ordered with Redchilli Bikes.)


View our affordable pricing packages below. Need an individual service? No worries, check out the tabs above. 

Bronze Bike Fit


Measuring Jig

Silver Bike Fit


Measuring Jig
Prologo MyOwn Saddle Fitment

Gold Bike Fit


Measuring Jig
Shoe Cleat Adjustment
Prologo MyOwn Saddle Fitment

Platinum Bike Fit


Measuring Jig
Shoe Cleat Adjustment
Prologo MyOwn Saddle Fitment
Bike Size Measurement

*When ordering a REDCHILLI bike over £1500.00, the cost of either of the above fitting services will be credited to you should you confirm a bike order within 60 days of your fitting session.