Every bike is built to customer specification

– because it’s all about you

We’re a British Brand based in Axminster, Devon and we are incredibly passionate about our REDCHILLI bikes. We pride ourselves on the level of our service, the quality and value that our bikes offer and the complete flexibility that we provide with the build of your bike. We are committed to bringing you the best possible buying experience.

Our bikes offer incredible value because we work smarter. Since 2014, our brand continues to grow, mainly through personal recommendation and word of mouth, and this is extremely rewarding for us. We even have an Ex-US National Champion riding a Redchilli. Now that does make us proud.

The perfect race machine to tackle the Belgian cobbles.

Genevieve WhitsonRedchilli Bikes Brand Ambassador
Genevieve Whitson Redchilli Bikes Brand Ambassador

We may be a small, British brand - but we're super proud

When you become a Redchilli owner, you’re not just riding a new bike, you’re becoming a valued member of the Redchilli family. And when you buy a Redchilli, you can be proud of the fact that you are supporting a small, British Brand. A real person will give you a big smile and a genuine, Thank You. And of course, after sales care is of paramount importance to us, as we know it is for you. Should any problems arise, you can be assured that we will reply as soon as possible. And if you phone, you will actually talk to a real human being.

Look outside the "Big Brand" box

With Redchilli, you get so much more. We don’t just sell you a bike off the shop floor, because we are all different. We go that extra mile because we know that once you jump aboard your new Redchilli, you will also want to go that extra mile, or 2.

We will discuss your requirements in detail. Will your bike be for road racing, sportive/endurance events, commuting or general leisure/pleasure? What about crank length, chainrings, cassette ratio, stem length, stem height, bar width, saddle position? We will also ensure that your Chilli is built around you, because a Redchilli is not just a bike – it’s a way of life.

Group Discounts

As a specialist custom bike builder, flexibility is a Redchilli strong point. We offer group discounts for cycle teams, clubs and cycle organisations and can supply frames or indeed complete bikes to your team colours. Please feel free to contact us for an initial consultation.

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We hope you will join us

When the time arrives and you’ve decided to treat yourself to a new bike, take a look outside the big brand box. Your Chilli wants to be something. Your Chilli wants to reward you. Your Chilli wants to be a part of you. Your Chilli will be custom built for you. Because, it’s all about you.

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